Snyder Bailey & Associates
The Best People, The Best Properties For 30+ Years

Snyder Bailey & Associates is a local real estate agency that has been practicing in the Eastern Panhandle for over 30 years. We have the distinction of listing and selling the most high end properties in the area. The important ingredient in marketing these high end homes is to target media most likely read by prospective buyers and communicate the unique qualities of the home  so that the buyer's interest is piqued and an inquiry is made. In addition to targeted media exposure, we have built up contacts with historic home sellers and buyers over the years so our networking capability creates additional opportunities for bringing buyers and sellers together.  If you are in the market to acquire a historic or high end home in this area, the following link provides a list of these  homes  currently for sale. If you are interested in selling, allow us to present the marketing strategy that has placed us in the position of having the most listings and sales of these type homes in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.